Kendra and Ryan

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Our Story

We met back in 2015 playing kickball. There is a Thursday night kickball league that plays in Hartford. We both were introduced to this league by friends and had actually played the year before, there are probably about 300 people that play in this league so we never met our first year playing. The year we did meet it really was fate. We both were scheduled to be on our own teams, then when we each didn't have the number of people needed our teams got merged together so we ended up on the same team! Even though we were on the same team it actually took us a few weeks to really meet. Ryan was busy at work so he wasn't there every week and Kendra had missed a week or two and was actually contemplating not playing anymore, she decided to give it one more try and that was the night she and Ryan really met and hit it off! From that point on we have been together. In the beginning we spent a lot of time at Ryan's condo in Hartford taking walks around the city, playing kickball and really getting to know each other. Come to find out Ryan's older sister went to Keene State College (where Kendra also went) and was in the same sorority that Kendra was in! As soon as Kendra heard that she knew this was meant to be! After a trip to Disney and about five months of dating Ryan moved into Kendra's house. Through all the ups and downs of life one thing that has always been consistent is the love we have for each other. We are so excited for this next chapter in our lives to begin and to be sharing that will all our family and friends! The countdown is on!
Jennifer Postorino